Legal Provisions


  • The Internet website is operated by the Company Go Global Consulting s.r.o. IČ: 04658337, Registered office: Václavské náměstí 17, Prague 1, ZIP code 11000, registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry 251606 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The Company’s website (hereinafter referred to as "the Web") is only of a referential and legally non-binding nature (except for this legal arrangement). Publishing any data on the Web has no characteristics of legal conduct aimed at the establishment of a legal relationship between the Company and the Web visitor, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise in each individual case. For more detailed information and legally binding arrangements, it is necessary to contact the Company management.

Intellectual Property

  • All the texts, images, sounds, animations, videos and other parts of this Web are the intellectual property of the Company, or the Company is authorised to use them on the basis of a contractual arrangement. The use, copying, distribution or reproduction of the contents of the Web are not excluded if the particular content of the Web is explicitly designed to be used in this way or if it is for the individual, non-commercial purposes of the Web visitor in accordance with the legal regulations, which do not violate the rights of the Company or other persons, and the Web visitor states the source, i.e. the Web. Other use shall only be possible on the basis of an explicit written agreement by the Company.


  • The Web may contain links to the Internet websites of other subjects. The Company does not inspect the contents of the Internet websites of other subjects and shall not be liable for the contents, functionality and trustworthiness thereof. The Company shall not be liable for advertisements or promotion realised by any third party via the Web. Stating a link to the Internet website of other subjects cannot be considered as the approval of the contents thereof, promotion or recommendation regarding the services or products of other subjects. The Web can contain information partly provided by a third party; information that may be materially, technically, typographically or otherwise inaccurate. The Company shall not be liable for the accuracy and completeness of information on the Web and shall be authorised to change, modify or update the contents of the Web at any time without prior notice. The Company may also change information regarding its services or products stated on the Web. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred in relation to using the Web or using the information from the Web. If the Web visitor provides information (text or images) in the form of ideas, comments or suggestions via the Web mechanisms, the visitor agrees that the voluntarily provided information may be used, distributed, published or otherwise made accessible and reproduced by the Company for other subjects, unless the legal regulations stipulate otherwise. In the case of such information being considered as subject to copyright, the Company shall automatically be provided with the unlimited non-exclusive licence to all the means of using the work without any entitlement of the author to remuneration.

Social Plugin

  • The Web uses a social plugin for the social network of the American company, Facebook Inc. If such a plugin exists on the Web, it does not imply any connection with the company of Facebook Inc. Such connection is only made upon an explicit agreement, which is established by the Web visitor clicking the “Like” button.

Conditions of Use

  • The Web visitor shall be obliged to use this Web in accordance with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, good manners and this legal arrangement. In connection with using the Web, the Web visitor especially pledges not to interfere with the security or the technical substance of the Web, not to use the Web for mailing unrequested messages and chain messages, not to create fake messages aimed at forging an identity, not to interfere with other visitors using the Web, and not to attempt to invade the accounts of other visitors, not to place viruses or other damaging programs on the Web, and not to place information or documents violating the legal regulations or in conflict with good manners on the Web via the Web mechanisms. The Web visitor acknowledges the fact that, in the case of using this Web in conflict with his/her obligations or good manners, he/she shall be responsible for any damages incurred via such violation, with the Company being entitled to prevent the Web visitor from accessing the Web and to remove any part of the Web that is the result of such violation.