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About G5 Plus

G5 Plus – offering jobs abroad

G5 Plus is the largest Czech brand focusing on the procurement of employment offers for health professionals abroad. We offer job vacancies to applicants in verified health facilities.

For those interested in working abroad, we also offer above-standard preparatory courses and special programmes. Our communication with applicants is always open. We stress personal contact, which allows us to maintain a high level of the services provided on a long-term basis. In order to understand our applicants even better and to react to their needs flexibly, we cooperate with significant organisations and personalities in the field of healthcare, both in domestic country and abroad. We are also involved in social events and projects aimed at increasing the prestige of the health professions in the long term.

We have a successful history of cooperation with several thousands of applicants. Currently, we procure employment for health professionals from the Czech Republic, as well as Slovakia and Poland. At G5 Plus, we abide by the regulations of Czech ministries and the embassies of individual countries, and in accordance therewith, deal with our applicants’ administrative formalities necessary for travel abroad. G5 Plus brand operates under Go Global Consulting, s.r.o. IČ: 04658337, Registered office: Vaclavske namesti 17, Prague 1, ZIP code 11000, registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry 251606, which abides by the authorisation of The labour office of the Czech Republic Directorate-General and by Act No. UPCR-2015/84396/4., on employment, according to which we procure employment abroad free of charge. It is our aim to provide all applicants with the top quality, complex services necessary for being successfully accepted in an employment vacancy. In this way, we wish to allow the health professionals to acquire invaluable life and work experience.

What are our qualities?

  • International scope of activities
  • High number of verified job offers
  • Team of experienced consultants and lecturers
  • Preparatory programmes and courses in English
  • Assistance after departure and continuous consultancy
  • Adherence to the ethical code

We also deal with the administration regarding the departure for the applicants, up to the handing over of the flight ticket.

Our team

Out team G5 Plus

On your way towards a foreign career, you will be guided by a team of consultants and lecturers with international experience. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of job offers in our partner hospitals; they are individually available for each applicant throughout the entire process leading towards acceptance in a job vacancy. They process the pre-departure documents professionally, and continue to be your guides remotely, even during your stay abroad. The team of our lecturers consists of professional English teachers and experienced health professionals with international practice.

PhDr. Martin Vrba, MBA

PhDr. Martin Vrba, MBA, is the Director of G5 Plus. He has long-term experience in the areas of Management, Health and Education. Through his profession, he became a member of the Foreign Board of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and was elected President of the Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce. Together with his team, he continuously strives to ensure the positive perception of Czech healthcare abroad. In cooperation with other public and private bodies, he also actively supports the development of economic relationships between the Czech Republic and foreign states.

History of G5 Plus

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