Job vacancies within the healthcare field are procured namely in the wealthy countries of the Persian Gulf, where there is already a tradition of several years of employing our health professionals. We closely cooperate with local partner hospitals on a personal level, whether during our trips abroad, or when their representatives visit our company headquarters. Thanks to these outstanding relationships, we provide you with verified offers of job vacancies and qualified support before your departure and throughout your stay abroad.

  • United Arab Emirates

    United Arab Emirates

    Due to rapid development over recent decades, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have become a much-sought-after location, not only among tourists. The unemployment rate in UAE is among the lowest in the world, approx. 2.5 %.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is situated on the Arabian Peninsula, where it takes up the greatest surface area. The Saudi healthcare market is considered to be the most advanced in the region. 80 % of the healthcare staff is made up of foreigners.

  • Bahrain


    Bahrain is a small island kingdom. This is a very pleasant country in which to stay, with an open, multicultural approach and a high percentage of English-speaking citizens. Healthcare in Bahrain is at an advanced level, despite the small surface area of the state.

  • Qatar


    Qatar is a modern country situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It offers a relaxed atmosphere with countless leisure time activities. Healthcare is managed by the Supreme Council of Health, which is responsible for maintaining the quality of the public healthcare system at an international level.

  • Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is country situated in the heart of Europe. It offers visitors not only a multitude of historical landmarks but also diverse natural sites: mountains, ponds, caves and spas with mineral springs. The capital city of Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with unforgettable atmosphere.