• Campaign "Studuj zdrávku" launched in the Czech Republic

    Náš tip

    The Ministry of Health is promoting health care professions

    The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, has launched a long-term campaign "Studuj zdrávku" (transl. "study health care school") in June, 2019. The aim of the campaign is to promote the non-medical health care professions, to attract young people to study secondary and higher vocational health care schools and to motivate them to work in medical field. 

    The backbone of the project is motivational spots with personalities of the Czech health care system, which describe the importance and indispensability of individual non-medical fields for the functioning of the whole health care system. They are followed by profile spots that represent in an interesting way what the profession of nurse, paramedic or pharmaceutical assistant entails and why these professions are interesting. 

    More info : https://www.studujzdravku.cz/